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Message from the President

Jim Vermeer, NREDA President

Rural Issues

NREDA's Grassroots Advocacy Committee continues to stay abreast with pertinent rural development issues that may affect the vitality of rural America. The committee provides a Grassroots Advocacy Issues Paper each year for your review and use when visiting with your congressional representatives.

With the administration changes happening in Washington, D.C., now is the time to become educated on the issues facing rural America and how you can help influence our lawmakers this year.

In the Issues Paper, the following talking points communicate NREDA's position on rural development issues:

  1. Support rural development programming in the forthcoming Farm Bill
  2. Support for the REDLG program and proposed increases
  3. Opposes the EPA Clean Power Plan as currently designed
  4. Support for increased funding for transportation infrastructure
  5. Support for continued funding for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
  6. Support for continued federal funding for broadband-capable infrastructure
  7. Concern about the effects that the EPA's proposed "Waters of the U.S." (WOTUS) will have on rural development
  8. Affirms that it encourages the involvement of the utilities sector in rural economic development efforts
  9. Recognizes that biofuels and the Renewable Fuel Standard have a significant impact on rural America and contribute to our country's energy security and independence
  10. Recognizes that the Threatened and Endangered Species Act affects rural development

View an expanded narrative of the Grassroots Advocacy Issues Paper.

We depend on you to keep us abreast of the issues that face rural America. NREDA will do our best to advocate for common issues that impact our membership. This coming May, the board and committee chairs will visit our allied partners to strengthen our partnerships and express some of the unified concerns listed in the Issues Paper.

NREDA President's Award

The President's Award recognizes an individual's dedication and leadership to Rural America and the National Rural Economic Developers Association, as evidenced by a commitment of unending time, talent and expertise, and a vision for rural economic growth. This Award is selected by the current NREDA President and can be presented to multiple recipients within a given year.

NREDA Awards history of recipients

Anschutz Receives 2016 President's Award

2016 President's Award presented to Mendi (Alexander) Anschutz (right) for her
work on NREDA's publication, website and communications efforts by President
Trista Fugate (left). Press Release

Silvius (right) Receives 2015 President's Award from Rand Fisher (left)

2015 President's Award given to Newsletter Editor, Shawnna Silvius, iShine
Productions LLC, Nebraska, NE (right) and Dana Baker, GVNW Consulting Inc.,
Colorado Springs, CO (not pictured).

Gustin Receives 2014 President's Award

John Padalino, (former) Administrator for Rural Utilities
Service, USDA Rural Development and 2014 NREDA
President's Award recipient with President Clare Gustin.
Press Release

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