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More and more companies are discovering the benefits of doing business in rural communities. Small businesses and major corporations alike are drawn to rural America's workforce ethic, lower costs and particularly to its quality of life. To protect and promote this unique advantage, the National Rural Economic Developers Association (NREDA) dedicates itself to bringing together industry-wide expertise on a broad range of rural development issues.

As the only organization focusing exclusively on rural economic and community development, NREDA connects professionals in energy, telecommunications, water and sewer systems, transportation, housing, health care, education and financing. By joining NREDA, you can take advantage of an extensive knowledge base and networking opportunities to make your own development program more successful.

NREDA is an individual-member, professional organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of rural development, the development of member proficiency, and achievement of social and human service objectives in rural areas. NREDA's membership base is comprised primarily of, but not limited to: Electric Cooperative Related; Telephone Cooperative Related; Economic Development Organizations; Associations; Government Related; or Consultants.

Member Benefits
  • Access to membership expertise in a variety of disciplines.
  • Networking through NREDA lets you access a world of experience both in person with other members and online.
  • High-quality educational programs.
  • News and information via the NREDA monthly newsletter, website and Email blasts, The Rural Developer.
  • Leadership opportunities.
  • Professional development and recognition.
  • Career opportunities via current employment listing.

Definition of Membership

Regular Membership: Any person employed by an organization defined as a local or regional not-for-profit economic development organization, cooperative rural utility, association, or government agency, educational institutions, and economic development related vendors such as consultants, development companies, real estate services, financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms and site consultants, construction companies, real estate development, and retired employees of said organizations. Rural utilities shall be defined as organizations that borrow monies or are eligible to borrow monies from (1) Rural Utility Service, (2) National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation, or (3) CoBank. The membership shall be in the name of the person as identified on the membership application.

Affiliate Limited Member: Any regional organization that consists of separate development organizations such as regional economic development groups, regional marketing groups, regional corridors, regional utility groups, and councils of government.

Categories of Membership

  1. Individual Member. Those individuals who qualify for membership as defined in Section 1. may qualify to be Individual Members and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership, including, but not limited to, voting, the right to vote and the right to hold office.

  2. Honorary Member. A past president or founder of the Association. Dues and Annual Conference registrations are complimentary for Honorary Members. Honorary Members shall be selected and approved by the Board of Directors as needed.

  3. Student Member. An individual enrolled at a college, university, community college or other educational institution full-time (12+ credit hours) at the undergraduate (or graduate level) in an economic development or related degree program.

  4. Affiliate Limited Member: Regional organizations that qualify for membership as defined in Section 1b may quality to be an Affiliate Limited Member in one of the two sub-categories:

    A. An organization made up of primarily local, community-based economic developers and/or government officials.

    B. An organization made up of primarily staff and/or directors of rural utilities.
    Contact NREDA Headquarters for more information.

                      Membership Dues Pricing
                      • $200 Special Rate for New Members ONLY
                      • $350 for one person
                      • $275/each for two or more from the same organization
                      • $50 for Student Member/Retired Member
                      • Honorary Member - Board Approved
                      • Affiliate Limited Members:
                        o $500: an organization of 2-4 members
                        o $1,000: an organization of 5-10 members
                        o $1,500: an organization of 11-15 members
                        o $2000: an organization of 16-20 members
                        o If the regional group has more than 20 members, they would pay $1,000 per each additional group of 10. For example a total of $3000 for groups 20-30 members; $4000 for groups of 31-40 members, etc.

                      Contributions to the National Rural Economic Developers Association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes, however, membership dues may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

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