Help Your Rural Businesses - Ask Them to Participate in the Federal Reserve Survey

The Federal Reserve has asked for NREDA's help encouraging rural businesses to participate in a survey about credit availability for small businesses. As I mentioned in a recent newsletter column, NREDA is increasingly being asked to be part of national discussions and help spread the voice of rural America. The most recent request: The Federal Reserve is seeking input from existing businesses as well as entrepreneurs wanting to start up a business regarding their experience trying to get credit and they want us to help spread the word before the survey closes in December.
The survey results will be summarized and provided to lenders and policy makers in hopes of improving financial programs and accessibility to better meet the needs of small businesses across the country. The exciting part is that by having 50 businesses participate using the special NREDA link below, a special NREDA report will be issued to represent rural businesses. So what are you being asked to do? Simply promote the survey by forwarding the survey link to local businesses and key accounts in your area.

Knowing how many hats we wear as rural economic developers, we have tried to make the process as easy as possible for you! So below are draft materials for you to cut and paste in order to get the word out and encourage participation. There's a draft email message, language to post to your website, as well as a variety of short messages to use for social media.

The survey is already open and doesn't close until December 8th. So I'm hoping that you will take a few minutes to spread the word about the survey, encourage participation and help NREDA be a great partner for the Federal Reserve.

Thanks in advance for your help! As always, if I can answer questions please feel free to email at or call me at 515.223.4817.

Bruce Nuzum